AEONS is a rather old and traditional Greek family story. It all began when grandsire Pantazis Papastergiou, constructed the first olive mill in the village of Pteleos, prefecture of Magnesia, in mid 1870s.

Pantazis soon became known as one of the best olive millers in the area, overworking until the 1940s, when Pteleos was stricken by the WW2. However, through the AEONS of time Pantazis’ descendants never stopped walking the same path, dealing with the extraction of the finest olive oil.

Stefanos and Constantine Papastergiou, family’s great grandchildren, decided to create AEONS, to carry on the family legacy, equipped with fresh, valuable and innovative ideas. However, the inspirer of AEONS is their father Pantazis, former lord mayor of Pteleos, with a boundless passion for the land and superior olive products.

Nowadays, Stefanos and Constantine, following faithfully Papastergiou Family’s tradition, are cultivating organic olive groves that cover 250,000 sq. meters approximately, with 4,000 olive trees in Pteleos, Magnesia, and along with a small and carefully selected group of farmers, exclusively from our village, we produce plain, though tasteful extra virgin olive oil.


AEONS Olive Philosophy is simple:

  • We work hard
  • We love our land
  • We treat our customers like family
  • We produce high quality, great-tasting, olive products from some of the finest hand-picked olives


Our land is Pteleos, a picturesque provincial village in Magnesia, Greece – situated on the edge of Mount Othrys and cooled by the breeze of the Aegean Sea – whose exceptional quality of soil interacts with the unique microclimate.

Most of our estates in Pteleos are covered with low flora including, thyme, oregano, sage and tea, adding a special flavor and aroma to the olive oil we produce. All these factors contribute to olive cultivation in optimum environmental conditions.

Our land is tightly linked with ancient Greek mythology and history. In Greek mythology Mount Othrys was the base of Cronus and the Titans during the ten year war with the Olympian Gods known, as the Titanomachy.

Also, Pteleos was first mentioned in Homer times, as “Pteleus Lehepii”, meaning “deep in grass”. The name itself is amongst the very few things that are preserved since ancient times. Set back aeons of time to the captivating mythological epoch, Pteleos was ruled by King Protesilaus, who took part in Troy war and his name was inspired after being the first (protos) to leap ashore at Troy, and thus the first to die in the war.

These strong bonds with the past through the aeons are the basic source of inspiration, in order to offer you superior goods of Pteleos culture, which we deeply respect: our premium olive products.

Our land welcomes you! Visit our olive tree groves to experience the harmonious combination of the past and the present. Walk through our olive orchards to discover our secrets and find out our traditions.